The Pressing Need To Be Cautious During Traveling

The Pressing Need To Be Cautious During Traveling

Foreign tours are more common these days than ever before and one of the pleasures of modern day travel is to using some really cool applications.  These software programs make things easier and convenient for the most parts and there are safe guards build into the very system that ensures that quality is assured of the services being rendered.

But suffice is to say that no matter the reputation that a website or vendor of services has in the broader markets; there are more than the occasional instances when things can go horribly wrong as we were to have found out the hard way.

What transpired on a visit to Cannes

Like all travelers, we did welcome the software app that is AirBnB when it came to booking an apartment for our use during a recent visit to Cannes.  What made us pick out the app were the wide range of accommodation options and also the range of budgets on offer.  This comes handy when long periods of travels are to be planned out into the future and at an affordable budget too.

We were in turn hosted by Steeve Monterin, who was connected to us through the AirBnB app.  The due processes to make a reservation were followed up and the rather good rating on the site made us all the more comfortable in using the hospitality being on offer at Steeve’s.

When things started turning sour

As was indicated in our itinerary, we did check in at Steeve Monterin’s apartment and went to check out the sights and sounds of Cannes.  Our luggage was kept in the accommodation which was duly locked from the outside.

On our return to the accommodation on a particular day, a pair of rather very expensive leather designer shoes was not to be seen in the apartment.  We did make an effort to locate the pair but after a good bit of search, we contacted Steeve Monterin.  Every assurance was given to use that the shoes could not go anywhere but would be in the very apartment.

Steeve Monterin came in and proceeded to assist in our search for the missing pair of rather expensive shoes, but to no great success either.  We did then point out that it would not have been possible to make an entry to the locked apartment in our absence without the firsthand knowledge of Steeve.

The Pressing Need To Be Cautious During Traveling

What transpired further?

Taking advantage of the review facility offered to customers of AirBnB, we did post a damning narration of the very incident.  The post was deleted in quick time and an explanation was soon in the coming from the website that the post had been removed for inappropriate language used.

Despite the protestations from our side, AirBnB stuck to Steeve Monterin and refused to reinstate the review.  We are now seriously considering further legal action with a serious note to all who travel to be more than doubly cautious while traveling and using third party sites and apps.