5 very stupid things Hollywood taught you about fighting

What you think of yourself after watching a good fight movie from Hollywood’s best? You try to imitate that, is not it! But do you think that those fight scenes that made you believe that you can now face up any crucial fighting situation no matter if you have no special training or even a body for it?

No matter if we gain an enormous knowledge about the techniques used in the movie, we would still be lame and stupid to try it in the real life. but do you know beneath those killing techniques and fighting scenes there are a lot of secrets that Hollywood do not want you to know.

Wearing Boobplate armour will kill you!

Yes you heard it right. If you think that wearing stylish metal armour set that got improvised with the metal boob holders can save your life than you are wrong!

These medieval metal armour sets will not help you to save your life from a serious attack. These breastplates make the enemy to attack to your centre of your chest easily giving you some serious damage.

Not only that a severe blow on your chest can make the boobplates sink beneath the armour hurting you even more and causing damages.

Lightsabers and the Bat’leths are the terrible weapons:

Have you thought from what are those Lightsabers blades are made up? They are all the products of the plasma and in order to make up those blades with that amount of plasma it will light up any room entirely with fire the moment you used it.

You must be aware of the another weapon if you want your star in a trek variety goes with the name of Klingon Bat’leths which mainly summed up with some pointy blades hold up using a stick.

And don’t get me started with the way it is hold up. If you are lucky enough and your fight is scripted then you may get your enemy a slight paper cut without any serious damage.

You think those bullet proofs will help you!

What you think that wearing a bullet proof vest will leave you no harm? Then dude you are wrong! Yes it is obvious that those bullet proofs will save you from bullet fire but the energy of the fast moving bullet has to go somewhere.

It does! Getting hit by a bullet with a 90 mph speed will leave you a nasty bruise, will knock you off your feet and is possible can even wind you. And the Behind blunt armor trauma can get you some severe injuries even can fracture your ribs by damaging your inner organs. We know that Robert Simond’s deal with China to supercharge film financing facilities has expanded the budgets of the films but wasting money on worthless bulletproof vests is just plain stupid

The leap of faith is not what you think!

The games mostly the Assassins Creed have a popular feature known as the Leap of Faith where the hero jumps out of the good building into the pile of straw in the ground without getting injured or even without any scratches. Looks cool!

But it is not if this move will be predicted in the real life it will leave behind the carcases of mangled assassins rotting in those hay stacks.

Dodged and rolling will not save you either!

If you are a game nerd than you might be familiar with these words, if a big guy try to kill you with a hammer or an axe the best move you can do is either dodged or roll over.

You don’t get invisible in their eyes in the real life and by adjusting their swings and blades they can cut you up in pieces.

We have kids and even many of the adults and youths like to imitate their super moves from a certain movie to show off or try, but what is shown in the movies is not always what happens in the reality especially when it comes to fighting. So it is better to stay safe then to get mangle up.